Services 6If you are looking for a durable, economical, and secure fence material, chain link fence might be your best option.

We provide chain link fencing for both residential and commercial properties, but it is most popular for areas like schools, airports, playgrounds, empty lots, correctional facility, industrial areas, military bases, highway projects, construction, and sports fields and other areas where security is essential.

Chain link fence gives the most visibility, durability, and keeps costs low.

How Chain Link Fencing Is Made

Chain link is one of the most durable fencing materials. It starts with steel wires that are coated and galvanized. Once the steel wires have been treated, they are bent vertically in a zigzag design, then joined together to form a diamond pattern. The wires are then attached to a steel post which is embedded into the ground.

Our chain link is galvanized before it is weaved, making it more resistant to burrs and rust. Chain link fencing can be made in virtually any height from three to 12 feet, and even higher if necessary.

Benefits of Chain Link

Although it isn’t as beautiful as other types of fencing, chain link is one of the most economical and long-lasting fence materials which is what makes it so popular in commercial properties. Chain link also features these additional, valuable benefits:


If your main concern is to keep intruders and trespassers off your property, chain link is one of the best fencing choices. It can be installed up to 12 feet high and you can add barbed wire or razor ribbon to further deter those who may consider climbing. We can install smaller mesh sizes to increase security. Chain link is also effective at keeping out wildlife such as deer, foxes, or coyotes that can cause damage to your property.


Compared with other fencing types, the cost of a chain link fence is considerably low. Of course, the cost of chain link can vary based on the materials, gates, environment, size, etc., but it is significantly less expensive than metal, vinyl, or wood products.


Chain link is relatively easy to install. It is more convenient than other options for large geographic areas. While it is possible to install chain link yourself, it is still best left to our fencing company professionals who can ensure a tight, lasting installation.


Chain link requires little to no maintenance because they don’t require painting, are impenetrable to pests, and will not fade, warp or rot over time. A strong chain link fence is more durable than wood or vinyl against vehicle accidentally driving through or other accidents that would inevitably cause wood or plastic to snap and break.

Disadvantages of Chain Link

Chain link is a secure, durable, and economical option, but just like all fencing materials, it does come with its own set of disadvantages. The two main disadvantages of chain link fencing are privacy and appearance.


Chain link is not a privacy fence, you can see right through it and it provides absolutely no privacy on its own. Of course, you can add vinyl slates through the webbing for additional privacy, but they can be easily pulled out or removed by anyone who really wants to peek inside. Chain link is more suited to areas where security is more important than privacy.


Chain link is not manufactured to be beautiful, it is designed to be durable and economical. It does come in a few color options, but overall, it is not the most beautiful style of fencing. This is often why it’s popular for commercial properties where appearance is not necessarily a crucial element.

Types of Chain Link

Not all chain link is created equal. You can also choose the thickness, style and entry options for your fence and even add color slats for additional privacy without the high cost of a full privacy fence.

  • Aluminized: An aluminized chain link fence is manufactured with a steel core coated with aluminum. This is designed to make it rust and corrosion resistant and will last a lifetime.
  • Galvanized: This steel wire is coated with zinc, rather than aluminum. The zinc is more durable and designed for commercial use.
  • Vinyl Coated Color: Chain link fencing is available in black, brown, or green. This vinyl-coated fence option can help the fence blend into its surroundings and provide more pleasing aesthetics. The color is added by coating the wireframe in vinyl. It can also be combined with galvanized fencing to retain its resistance to corrosion.
  • Slated Chain Link: If you like the durability and low cost of chain link, but still want the additional privacy option, you can add vinyl slates to your fence.
    These vinyl slates are manufactured to slide in between the steel wires to provide more privacy. The vinyl can be coated to match the color of the fence, which gives you the benefits of plastic fencing while keeping costs low.

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