Services 10Whether you live on several acres in the middle of the country, or a tiny lot in a suburban neighborhood, getting your dogs to stay on your property and within safe limits can be an uphill battle.

Dog fences come in many shapes and sizes, but property lines can be too large to fence in completely. Sometimes neighborhood ordinances dictate the type of fencing that is allowed, making it difficult to keep dogs in. Even if you have the ability to install a traditional fence, they are often ineffective at containing dogs that can burrow, jump, dig, or squeeze through a gate.

An invisible dog fence keeps your pooch safe with an invisible field of electricity. These dog fences are a popular choice for homeowners because they keep your dog safely contained without having to install an unsightly or oversized fence around your entire property.

How do electric dog fences work?

Installing an invisible dog fence is a relatively simple and inexpensive process.

It begins by making a plan of the desired boundaries. Then, a shallow trench is dug around the property to bury a wire or series of wires. A transmitter is set up nearby to activate this wire, usually in the garage or on an outside wall of your home.

Once the wire is placed and activated, a battery-powered collar is placed on the dog which gives him a warning when he reached the boundary line. If the animal gets close to the boundary, they get a warning. Depending on the type of fence this warning may be in the form of a vibration or a sound similar to a dog whistle, which is only audible to your pet.

This tone or vibration is designed to deter the dog from the boundary area. If they cross the boundary, the collar sends out an electric shock.

Are invisible dog fences safe for my pets?

Many homeowners worry about causing pain or other damage to their pet by using an invisible fence.

We encourage all pet owners to hold the collar in your own hand and try it yourself to get an idea of what the shock feels like. The electricity sent through the collar is neither painful nor dangerous. It is merely irritating, much like a splash of water to the face. It is not enough to hurt the animal or cause any type of damage.

The collar is adjustable so you can ensure you are delivering the right amount of force to the right type of animal based on size and weight. Many veterinarians and pet professionals agree that invisible fences are a safe and effective way to maintain safe boundaries around your home to keep your pets protected.

Features of Invincible Fencing for Dogs

There are several different invisible dog fence products that we offer that each offers a unique set of features.

Energy Levels

Any dog fence should have several levels of correctional energy based on the personality, size, or weight of the dog. If you have multiple dogs, you should have an invisible fence with multiple collars that each carry an individual setting to match the needs of the dog. Particularly large, energetic, or stubborn pets may need more charge than others.

Battery Backup

The last thing you need is the batteries in your dog’s collar to go out when you’re at work and you come home to find your pet missing. Our wired dog fences have a battery backup function so if you forget to change the battery, it will still function for 24 hours on a backup charge.


Some dog fences must be installed in a specific shape in order to function properly. Our invisible dog fences cover up to 25 acres and allow you to make your own boundaries in any shape you need. This allows you to maintain the integrity of your landscaping and still give freedom to your dog. You can block off the garden area, or shape around an entry or walkway without having to disrupt your entire landscaping for installation.


  • No physical fence to upkeep, paint, wash, or treat.
  • Provides safety for the dog from traffic, strangers, and wildlife surrounding the home.
  • Less expensive than traditional fencing, especially if you have a large property area.
  • Gives flexibility to homeowners to choose the fence they’d like to have based on personal preference, not based on the needs of your pets.
  • Doesn’t interfere with property views or scenic areas of your landscaping.
  • Quick installation process that can be ready to go in one day with Good Dog Fencing professional installation.
  • Can be more effective for large pets that jump or dig around traditional fencing.
  • Allows pets to roam up to 25 acres with more perceived freedom.


  • Must keep batteries charged in order to keep the fence effective.
  • Installation takes some time and planning to determine where you want your boundary lines.
  • Doesn’t prevent other animals from entering the boundaries, if other pets or animals are not wearing a shock collar, they can come and go anytime.
  • Can leave dogs frustrated when they see something in full sight, but cannot reach it.
  • There is no guarantee the dog won’t cross it. A determined dog may get past the shock and escape the fence anyway.

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