Services 4Damaged fence? Broken vinyl? Rusty metal?

If your fence is in need of a little TLC, chances are you can avoid a complete replacement if you catch those problems early on with simple fence repair services.

Having a fence is a critical benefit to your home. It provides security, clearly defines boundaries, and keeps your kids and pets safe. Whether your fence was damaged by storms, pets, kids, or just worn down over time, you can often repair a small section without a complete replacement.

Depending on your fencing material you can determine the most common cause of damage, whether you need a repair or replacement, and what your options are.


Vinyl fencing is still the new member of the fencing family. It only began to gain popularity in the 1980s. Today, it can be manufactured in nearly every style and color under the rainbow. The benefits of vinyl is that it doesn’t rot, fade, or warp over time, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune to damage.

Common Problems: Vinyl fences can be broken through by a variety of backyard accidents, toys, children, pets, or angry neighbors. Depending on the style of fence, the slats can also come loose, removed, or lost.

Repair or Replace? Because vinyl is made to last a lifetime, it is almost always more cost effective to repair the broken section rather than replace the entire fence. Unless you’d like a different look, or you’re looking to upgrade your entire fence, vinyl is easy to repair and save yourself the time and money involved in a new fence.


Wood is a beautiful and classic fence choice. It protects your privacy and provides good security. Wood gives a natural look and is a popular choice for residential fencing. It can be virtually any height, style, and can be painted or stained any color.

Common Problems: Over time, wooden fences will weather. This is not an issue for repair. If your wooden fence is looking like it could use a little extra care, give it a good power washing and a fresh coat of paint or stain. The most common problem with wood fencing is rot. If your wood fence is showing signs of rotting, you can replace bad slats fairly easily.

Repair or Replace: The problem with replacing rotting slats is that they will not match the older pieces of the fence that have weathered over time. If you have 20 percent or more of your fence that is subject to rot or other types of damage, it’s probably time to replace the entire structure.


Metal or wrought iron fencing is regal and elegant. It is the most expensive type of fencing, but also provides the greatest security without compromising aesthetics. It is most commonly used for landscaping hazards swimming pool areas and upper level decks.

Common Problems: Rust is the most common problem you’ll see with metal or wrought iron fencing. Generally, this can be avoided by using the correct installation and protective coating, but sometimes rust is inevitable.

Repair or Replace: Because of the high costs of a metal fence, it is almost always more cost effective to repair the fence rather than invest in a complete replacement. Specific sections of the fence can be removed and repaired without compromising the integrity of the structure.

Chain Link

Chain link is a great choice for areas where price is critical. It’s almost always used for schools, parks, and public buildings. It’s also a common choice for many residential neighborhoods. Sometimes chain link fence also has the option of slats woven into the links to give more privacy.

Common Problems: Chain link is very durable, but eventually it may start to rust. This is usually caused over time. It can also be intentionally damaged by getting torn, clipped, or cut.

Repair or Replace: If the rust is less than 10 percent of the fence, it’s worth it to repair those sections rather than replace the entire fence. If you have rust, tearing, and areas of concern that are more than 10 percent of the total fence, it might be time to install a replacement.

Common Fence Repairs

There are a few common repairs that can happen to any type of fence. Regardless of your fencing material, these are repairs that can always be fixed. Maintaining simple fence and gate issues is critical to maintaining your fence and avoiding serious issues.

Some of these repairs you can complete yourself, but if you think you might not have the time or knowledge to repair it yourself, give our experts a call.

Missing Pickets, Boards, or Panels: Any type of fence uses a variety of pickets, boards or panels. These can show up missing for a variety of reasons. The good news is, they are also fairly easy to replace. In most cases, it’s just a matter of finding the correct match and sliding it in place.

Hanging Gates: When the gate won’t close, the fence is basically useless. Without a proper gate the dog can get out and others can find their way in. Most often, this is caused by sagging hinge, but it may also involve the functioning of the hinge itself or an issue with the latch. Either way, it’s a simple repair that can be usually completed in less than a day.

Fender Benders: There’s a lot of reasons why your fence is now damaged. Whether your mother-in-law backed over it or your son drove his dirt bike through it, any damaged fence can be repaired in a small section rather than replacing the entire fence line.

Leaning Posts of Pisa: Sagging, leaning, and swayed posts are common if they aren’t maintained. Unfortunately, if the posts or fence are leaning significantly, these are not easily repaired and will often result in the necessity of a complete replacement.

If you have a fence repair you’re not sure how to fix, contact our team. We can help you determine what your options are and our team can complete most repairs in less than a day. If a fence needs completely taken out and redone, we can do that, too. Give us a call today!

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