Services 9Since the early colonial days, white picket fences have been synonymous with the American dream. Today, we carry on that dream by providing more white picket fences than any other fence company in Louisville.

The popularity of the classic white picket fence began in the 1800s, those who were lucky enough to own homes took great pride in their land, so they outlined it with a simple picket fence. The bright white paint was easy to see in day or night and was inexpensive at the time. If a property was outlined with a picket fence, it was clear who ever lived in that home was important.

Hundreds of years later, the picket fence still carries a symbol of class, esteem, and beauty. It is a classically popular choice for any location from city suburbs to country farmhouses.

Although the picket fence comes in a variety of materials, colors, patterns, and styles today, the most popular choice is still classic, white wood.

Wood Picket Fence

The wood picket fence is constructed of cedar, pine, or natural whitewood. It can be installed as a solid panel, lattice wood, or classic pickets. Often used in front of a home, the picket fence provides protection while offering that beautiful, historical design.

Vinyl Picket Fence

Today, you can get a vinyl picket fence that looks exactly like its wooden counterpart, but without the maintenance required by a natural wood fence. It comes in a variety of colors and offers the best of both beauty and durability.

Aluminum Picket Fence

An aluminum picket fence doesn’t have the same cottage, farmhouse feel of a classic wood picket fence. The iron pillars are more ornamental and command a different type of presence. However, they have a smaller silhouette, which allows more visibility.

One of the reasons many people love wooden picket fences is because they can customize the design a little with difference fence tops. These different styles of fence tops are created by the way the wood is cut and installed.

  1. Colonial Gothic Picket Tops
    The Colonial Gothic picket top is one of the most popular ways to design a picket fence. The top of the wood is embellished in the shape of a Fleur De Lis. It looks best paired with homes that mimic the classic colonial architectural style.
  2. Flat-Top Pickets
    A flat-top picket is classic and understated. It matches almost every home, but looks especially beautiful against a farmhouse or Craftsman style home.
  3. Rounded
    Rounded tops are similar to flat-top in that they are easy to find, classically simple, and match almost any home. However, the rounded top just goes a little bit beyond the flat and gives it a little extra style without being too overstated.
  4. Dog-Ear
    The dog-ear picket has a flat top, but the corners are cut off at a sharp angle, creating the look of a dog ear to the picket. This is a solid middle ground between the gothic style and a more traditional flat-top fence.
  5. Gothic
    This is also known as the Victorian picket. It’s similar to the colonial gothic style of wood cut to a point at the end. However, gothic picket does not have the side notches, which makes it look simpler.
  6. Pointed (or Spear)
    Similar to both gothic styles, the pointed picket is the sharpest angle of all. These are often mixed with more ornate posts to give a little variety while respecting the overall style.
  7. Scalloped
    A scalloped edge brings a nice look to a picket fence by cutting either a rounded or dipped pattern during installation that is completely customizable.

Because of their unique quality, these fence top varieties are only available with a wooden picket fence.

If you are looking for a fence that gives you both a decorative element as well as a sturdy boundary for your property, consider the most popular fence in the country: the white picket fence.

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